Pilates Southwest is a full service Pilates Studio offering the highest quality certified Authentic Pilates instruction. Our studio uses the finest Pilates equipment made by Gratz Industries.  Each session is customized to fit the client’s needs, goals, and physical capabilities. All sessions are 50 minutes in length.  Clients are advised to wear comfortable clothes that allow a full range of motion.  Leggings, sweatpants, or shorts with a t-shirt are ideal.  Since shoes are not worn when practicing Pilates, clients should bring a pair of socks.


Private Session – Private sessions provide the most comprehensive workout, using both equipment and mat work.  Each session is tailored to meet the client's specific needs and goals.  All clients benefit from Private Instruction.  One on one instruction is ideal for new clients, clients with injuries, clients who want to progress quickly, and more advanced clients looking to improve their form or learn new exercises.  Private sessions are by appointment only, and may be scheduled Tuesday through Saturday.

Duet Session – Duets are available after a client is familiar with his/her routine, usually 10 private sessions.  Clients are paired based on their abilities and taught by one instructor.  A sense of comradery develops between the clients making duets motivating and fun.  Like Private sessions, Duets are a combination of exercises on the equipment and mat work.  Duets are by appointment only, and may be scheduled Tuesday through Saturday.

Mat Class – Mat classes are a great way to supplement private and duet sessions.  Limited to four people, our mat classes have the energy of a group class with the individual attention clients deserve.  A client may join an existing class, or request a new class focusing on his/her interests, goals or needs.  It is recommended that clients take a minimum of 3 private sessions prior to joining a mat class.  Due to the small class size, clients are asked to call in advance to reserve a place in each class.


Rates (packages expire six months after purchase)

Private Session Packages
     New Client Promotion 
(limit one per customer) 3 private sessions $50 each ($150)
     10 Private Sessions  $55 each ($550)
     20 Private Sessions  $50 each ($1000)
     1 Private Session  $60 each

Duet Session Packages (prices per person)
     10 Duet Sessions  $35 each ($350)
     1 Duet Session  $40 each

Mat Class Packages
     10 Mats  $15 each ($150)
     1 Mat  $20 each

Combination Packages
     5 Private Sessions and 5 Mat Classes  $350 (save $50)
     6 Duet Sessions and  4 Private Sessions  $430 (save $50)


If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call or email us 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged. Packages do not include tax and expire six months after purchase.






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